Trust Your Large Loss Adjuster
With Your Commercial Claim

Your Large Loss Adjuster provides you with the service needed to successfully navigate the large commercial insurance claims process both face-to-face and through our patent-pending claims management app. We see the struggle in communication that contractors and property managers are having with large losses and instantly knew that we had to step in!

We’re licensed in 47 states plus DC with a mission to ensure a fast and straightforward claims process with a focus on making sure everyone involved in the claim is updated and informed.

Insurance Companies
Aren’t Willing To Pay Out!

A large loss can amount to millions of dollars in property damages regardless of how the damage originated. It can also create challenges for your business if operations and workflow need to be stopped. Because of this, there are many complexities involved where the insurance company may not be willing to settle the claim allowing you to make the necessary repairs or restorations. These potential issues can make the entire process stressful which is why we’ve made it our goal to fight for the best settlement by using our perfected claims management process.

Without an experienced public adjuster, damages can not be properly assessed and identified in order to negotiate against the insurance company!

Frequently Asked Questions

IMMEDIATELY! You never want to rush to make repairs or renovations after a storm because it can cause problems in the future such as black mold and more! Public Adjusters hold your insurance company accountable for the promise they made to you in your policy. We make insurance carriers see what they don’t want to see and use state-of-the-art technology to help us see hidden damage as well as particulates in the air.

The statute of limitations for property damage is different depending on where you live. Considering this, you never want to find out that you missed out on millions of dollars because you waited too long to file the claim. Letting us handle your commercial claim the moment disaster strikes will be your best move when dealing with large commercial insurance claims.

Our comprehensive proof of loss report is used to create our estimate and prove to the insurance company exactly how much money you deserve and why. It is comprised of thousands of line items including images, aerials, thermal images, and more. We even seek out the opinions of various industry specialists like metallurgical engineers and hygienists to make sure that everything is looked over and inspected.

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What goes into our
Comprehensive Proof of Loss

Xactimate Line Item Estimate :

A full estimate outlining a proper scope and justification for each line item.

Manufacturer Specifications :

A report defining roofing materials by type

Images :

A report of the photos collected from the scope outlining the damage.

An Aerial Report :

A measurement report of the roof and angles.

One-Click Code :

A report that shows the code items for the local and State along with tax, jurisdiction, and necessary building information.


(If necessary) A report for discontinued material

Assistance from Industry Professionals :

A team of professionals who specialize in assessing and identifying specific types of damages such as, Metallurgical Engineers, Hygienists, etc.

HailTrace :

A geo-tagged weather report proving the date of loss.

Our team

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