Visiting Large Loss Properties Affected By Hurricane Ian: Sanibel Harbor

Visiting Large Loss Properties Affected By Hurricane Ian: Sanibel Harbor

Starting just this past week, brick-and-mortar businesses were able to reopen on Sanibel and Captiva islands in southwest Florida. Hurricane Ian had swept through both areas, destroying so many homes and businesses in the process.

Your Large Loss Adjuster Is Here to Help

When the storm settled, the Your Large Loss Adjuster team of Cam Wade, Vince Lefton, and others went out to take care of property owners who were impacted. One of the first places we stopped was the Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club. Here, we spoke with the owner, who shared his story about the storm. He talked to us about how close their building is to the Sanibel Causeway, which was destroyed in the commotion.

We strapped our boots and collected documentation on the damage we found. We did this to ensure their insurance company wasn’t taking advantage of them. Then, we used all the evidence we found to create our bullet-proof Proof of Loss report. This is what we used to negotiate everything that needed to be repaired or replaced. It’s always a great day when we can help property owners get every penny and beat the insurance carrier bullies!

The best part was being able to come back and speak with our contracting partners! We also checked out our client’s properties to ensure that they are in the process of returning to pre-damage conditions! Fortunately, we stopped by in time to watch our partners begin the dredging work of removing debris and other materials from the marina. We even ensured that all the boats that had floated up due to flooding were each put back on the racks where they belonged. 

Those who experienced Hurricane Ian firsthand reported torrential rain that caused considerable inland flash flooding and river overflow. This affected most of southwest Florida, but Sanibel Island took one of the biggest brunts from this dynamic force of nature.

Were You Affected by Hurricane Ian? Call the Large Loss Experts!

Your Large Loss Adjuster, powered by Bulldog Adjusters, provides expert knowledge on large commercial claims and brings along a team of experienced professionals to scope the property and handle the entire claims process from beginning to end. We saw the struggle contractors and business owners were having with large losses and knew we had to step in! We’re licensed in 47 states and Washington, DC, with a mission to ensure a fast and simple claims process. We put focus on making sure everyone involved in the claim is updated and informed.

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